It is a myriad of people who contribute to every work of art, regardless of the medium. Here at Quicksylver Publications, we acknowledge and honor all those that came before us as well as all those who make what we do possible... And for those of us here at QPub, no matter the number of works produced, we are a family.

Together, in this international collection of friends and family, we make up what we affectionately call the Confederacy of the Quill!

G. Russell Gaynor (*^)
At the age of 5 Russell was challenged by his grandmother to ‘prove it’ when he said he could do better than the movie they’d seen. He handed her several notepads, she read only two and she agreed with his opinion. That was the beginning!

Although life defies understanding, Russell has set about the challenge of teaching through his stories, in small baby steps, the lessons of love and life he has come to treasure since learning so much through the viewpoints of others.

It will always be the opinion of those who receive art to measure its worth, but to date Russell has penned five books, twenty screenplays, two plays, over 2 scores of poems and a role-playing game system. This too is only a beginning!

Madolyn Locke (*^)
An early and enduring love affair with words served Madolyn well in her position as Editor of her High School’s literary magazine, and college found her writing and editing for yet another publication.

Years later, the encouragement of G. Russell Gaynor resulted in quite a few accolades including published poems, placement as a semi-finalist in the Screenwriters Expo Script Writing Competition and as the winner of a Short Story Competition for Ebony Magazine.

A true romantic at heart, enduring themes of love in all of its forms are to be found in her writing whether screenplay, short story, novel, or poem.

Alexa M. Bronson (^)
Within the throes of her artistic pursuits, Alexa met G. Russell Gaynor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. A strong and fast friendship was struck as they shared a passion for creativity, artistic expression and undeniable connection between art and life. Alexa found that life happens while you are making plans and she became involved with several charities, including the Peace Corps, which pulled her away from the States.

Now married to a lovely man by the name of James Bronson and the mother of two daughters, life has delivered a bounty of treasures to Alexa that she could never trade. However, the passion for writing never died and through the pen, Alexa hopes to deliver a few treasures of her own.

Amy Owens Baughman (^)
Amy has been writing since she learned to write, always improving and learning how to expand her craft. In one of her first professional submissions, she won a short story contest, placing 2nd. She has had two poems published and has a notebook full of more poems, but finds herself drawn to narrative writing.

She is constantly adding to her writing portfolio and looks forward to stretching her creative muscles with the Confederacy.

Ashia R. Sims (^)
Ashia fell in love with the eerily creepy writings of Edgar Allen Poe at a young age. When she discovered authors like R.L. Stine and Stephen King, she knew she wanted to be a horror writer. Later the work of C.S. Lewis inspired her, and she began to self-publish horror and poetry books at 10 years old.

Ashia has found a way to combine her love of telling stories with her love of creativity and technology by working as a creative technologist and working to empower women to become active participants in the technological age.

Cassandra Drake (^)
The youngest daughter of a prominent businessman and an educator, Cassandra has been about the business of doing things her way from the very beginning. Though she has demonstrated talents in both the corporate world and the education community, Cassandra has dedicated herself to artistic expression.

“I want to challenge the status quo!” she said when she approached the Confederacy, stating that the first step would be to take to task the means by which literature is labeled and packaged.

Charles L. Jones (*^)
Charles Jones’ life embodies the true nature of a Renaissance Man. Born in Brooklyn and having lived in NY, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Japan, Charles has had first-hand experience in multiculturalism and appreciates the beauty inherent in every walk of life. His unique ability to bring the audience to a point of reason where they question themselves is readily found in his work

Desirée Kern (*^)
Born and raised in Canada, Desirée Kern discovered a love for drawing at an early age, and spent most of her time working on her theory that everything under the sun looks better when rendered by an artist.

Although drawing has remained her preferred medium, Desirée has developed her skills in every form of artistic expression she could find, including computer graphics, photography, makeup design and even a burgeoning fashion clothing line.

These days, Desirée’s talents are kept busy with various commissions and personal projects, and she is excited to add the Confederacy of the Quill to that list.

Eric Ray (*^)
Eric (aka: Takkless) is a self-taught illustrator who's been working to develop his style since putting pen to paper as a wee tot. High School and the years after brought a concentration on character design and development, and in lieu of formal training Eric draws heavily from his major influences, including Brom, Luis Royo, Bernie Wrightson, Ed Benes, Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Alfonse Mucha, and many others.

Eric is married to a lovely woman, Rose, and has two beautiful girls, who know to within a hair's width just how tightly they have him wrapped around their fingers. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC and makes a living as an artist and tattooer.

Erin Poulson (^)
Erin is not a writer by trade, teaching dance and music and performing as an actress in and around Atlanta, but she has had steady work as a playwright of children's theatre and short plays for the past eight years. Writing has been a passion of Erin's since she was in grade school, and she was fortunate to find friends to help her rediscover her love of fantastical fiction.

When she's not performing, teaching or writing, Erin is focused on her own happily ever after - her incredibly handsome husband and two ridiculously beautiful children.

Greg Alldredrege (^)
An author should write about things they want to read. Greg has led a varied life. 20 years traveling the world as a sailor, 10 years as a professional actor, 10 years in the manufacturing industry, and 7 years as a teacher. Now he writes and teaches. He grew up reading all the great science fiction and hopes to add his voice, in some small way, to the giants of this genre.

Greg and his wife currently live in China where he teaches Theatre at a private school located in a small city in Anhui province. They travel often searching for grist for his imagination.

J Darnell Cheatham (*~)
J. Darnell became involved with Quicksylver through his work as a musician, certified graphic designer, and writer. His interests include animation, still art (all mediums), film and digital production, writing (shorts, novels and screen plays) and music production.

Darnell says “Despite the twists and turns, and the ups and downs life has presented to me, it never failed to direct me back to the essence of myself… the artist within.”

Jason Williams (^)
Jason can often be found reading a book, and that book will more than likely be a fantasy or supernatural novel. When he doesn’t have his head in a book you will find him exploring the woods of north Mississippi, painting, writing, or cooking. He lives on the edge of the Delta in Charleston,MS, with two cats and several chickens.

Joanne Van Leerdham (^)
Joanne Van Leerdam has been writing ever since she learned how to hold a pencil, but really only began to take her poetry seriously over the last few years. In addition to poetry, she blogs regularly and also writes the occasional short story.

Joanne loves reading, crosswords, sudoku, and colouring for relaxation. She plays piano and is a keen photographer.

Joanne is a teacher of English,History and Drama/Production. She is director/producer of her school's musical every year and is an active member and performer in her local theatre company. She is proud to be both an Australian and an honorary Canadian.

Joel Lee (~)
Joel was raised on a steady diet of horror films and comic books. He first began writing and illustrating his own short stories at the age of 8. By 16, he had written his first play.

His formal education and his experience in advertising, as well as screenwriting and fiction have provided him a comprehensive perspective of the industry. He employs his creativity, humor, scrutiny, and knowledge in an effort to provide Quicksylver with valuable assets for its literary endeavors.

Kobie Drew (^)
Kobie was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He is an only child who was born with a very active imagination and began to write poetry at seven years old. His earliest influences included Langston Hughes and Claude Mckay. It was after reading Invisible Man at thirteen that he decided he wanted to be a writer.

He moved to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College, where he was an English Major with a concentration on African-American Literature. To date Kobie has written over seven-hundred poems, two novels, and fourteen feature length screenplays.

A devoted husband and father of three children, Kobie is currently working on his umpteenth screenplay and aspires to continue to provoke thought and invoke positive change through his work. He also hopes to direct films in the future. His favorite writers include Ralph Ellison and Toni Morrison.

Melissa H. North (^)
Melissa’s upbringing in Queensland was inspirational, as her young creative mind overflowed with ideas and images. Melissa has always loved telling stories, and so writing seemed to be the next natural thing to do.

As an Author, Melissa is creative, imaginative, and original with a unique writing style that provides a reading experience unlike any other. She is so appreciative and delighted by the positive response her work has received and is looking forward to sharing future stories as they come to fruition.

Nicole Luttrell (^)
Nicole is a speculative fiction author. That means she writes about ghosts, dragons and spaceships. Sometimes she writes about the ghosts of dragons on spaceships. She writes a fantasy series called Broken Patterns and a science fiction series called Station 86. Nicole spend most of her childhood reading horror stories and watching science fiction shows. It seemed natural to her that she should someday be the one writing the stories, not just reading them.

Follow along with her adventure as a writer, mom and comic book nerd on PaperBeatsWorld.

Reiter (*^)
Born of circumstance and perspective, Reiter came to see life from a standpoint most might label askew (but let’s not get him started on labels). It was through this angle of vision that his mind opened up to the limitless possibilities of thought and existence.

What some call daydreaming, he calls a work in progress. There is a universe out there, full of theory and definition – waiting for its story to be told. It holds comedy, tragedy, adventure, mystery, horror, action and intrigue. Reiter is but one of its storytellers!

T Barnes (~)
A poet, a painted, a writer, an enthusiast of life, T. Barnes found herself working with Quicksylver where the exchange of ideas and dreams fueled a passion that had been mired by the twists and turns of life. Inspired by those in her life and driven to bring her visions to the world, T. Barnes endeavors to persevere.

She says: “It has long been a passion of mine to watch. Not simply to see, but actually observe life and those who truly know how to live it. Come with me as we investigate the why and not the what!”

William C. Cronk (^)
Working a wage-inducing job during the day, and as an avid world builder by night, William Cronk spends most of his time dreaming of vast empires and eon-spanning cultures. A poet, role playing game enthusiast, medieval reenactor, cartographer, and history buff, William is a prolific creator of entire worlds. (Even a galaxy or two.)

Future projects include a novel to be launched in January of 2020, a Forgotten Realms module to be released in Spring 2019, and a multi-setting gaming resource known as Earra.

William currently lives with his inspiring and ever-patient wife of twenty years and their four furbabies near Toronto in the Great White North.

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~- Contributor