The Towers

A cop. A fighter. A couple of Wall-Street suits. Brought together by a Shaman, what they have in common is simple – they are the fulcrum that will change the face of New Orleans. The city has been split into Quarters, each one ruled by a leader that has no intention of giving ground to anyone else. Gangs roam the streets, amped up with cyber-ware and itching for a fight. Even the digital world is unsafe, as teams of hackers jockey for supremacy. Either a way will be found to bring order to the chaos, or the powder-keg of a city will go up in flames. Can this small group of determined strangers find a way to claim the fuse before it’s too late?

Book One in the War for New Orleans series by Cassandra Drake.



The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

Adventure - Anyone caught up in the tide of the incredible with only their wits, their skills, and the fates to see them through.

Fantasy - where the world of what we know touches upon the world we can only imagine. Here the mystical dances to its own tune, challenging us to find its rhythm

Horror - here the night, the uncertain, the undefined, the very shadows come to life, taking hold of our fears and weaving them into a world of dark wonder!

Science-Fiction - E = MC2 is only the beginning, it's a household term and innovation saves the day. Be it steampunk or hyperspace. It is the means to worlds unknown.


SylverMoon Chronicles: Volume I

A lone mage holds his rage in check long enough to find his enemies… a ‘science experiment’ goes horribly wrong… a young girl finds herself caught in the middle of a nightmare… visitors from another existence threaten a cop in our world… a group of young friends set out on the journey of a lifetime...


SylverMoon Chronicles: Volume II

A SorcereR and Swordsman find themselves in a pitched battle for their lives… an aging protector questions his legacy… assassins in the same family try to find a common ground… a young woman finds herself in a strange world, fighting to protect her brother… a pirate captain slowly loses his boat to a mysterious fate… the power of the elements flow through a woman searching for her place in the world…


SylverMoon Chronicles: Volume III

A powerhouse young man discovers the truth about his heritage… two unlikely heroes are surprisingly saved themselves… an unexpected wrinkle causes problems with an assassination… awakening powers in a young girl turn frightening… a mysterious swordsman exacts his dire vengeance… the power of one woman’s devotion to her god changes the fate of her people…


SylverMoon Chronicles: Volume IV

A new generation of superheroes discovers they still have a lot to learn… unexpected horrors lead a young woman to her true direction… cutting edge technology gives a prince the ability to defend one of humanity’s last cities … music brings a young girl to a doorway to the unknown… hunters of the undead become the hunted… in the realm of demons one hero dares to challenge the throne…


SylverMoon Chronicles: Volume V

Two gun-slinging friends reconnect across space and time… heroes discover the truth about death and loss… enemies are found in a cyber world of ones and zeroes… a young assassin must chase after what was lost… a dashing duelist defies a king… in a shadowy forest a band of adventurers find an otherworldly surprise…