Contemplating the next world

Madolyn Locke

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

For whatever the Confederacy of the Quill becomes, Madolyn Locke is certainly our first step. As our Editor-In-Chief, she handles the arrangement of this orchestra, but that doesn't keep her from the keyboard... or her camera. From Volume I's The Job to her two novels (One Real Summer & Silent Love), Madolyn has proven she's an artist worth watching.


One Real Summer

Alexandra has just had her summer plans ruined by her mother who is sending her to her aunt's home in Provincetown and refusing to let her sail the islands with her best friend's family. Alexandra finds herself in a world of artistic expression, self-awareness and no television! While there, she is forced to face her insecurities and fears for her future over the course of the first "real" summer she's ever known. Alexandra finds that she is able to learn about herself through art and that when she looks, she can see herself reflected in the love of those around her.


Silent Love

Forced into marriage to a man she doesn’t know, Evangeline thinks she’ll never know love. When she finds it in a most unlikely place, will she follow her heart or her honor?

Set against the backdrop of Arthur’s court at Camelot, we follow the path of Evangeline Matera from idealistic girl to a married woman faced with difficult choices. Does she try to make a life with the stranger that is her husband, or risk everything for the man she loves?