Maddie and the Owl

Madolyn Locke

Award-Winning Artist

When she isn't writing, editing, or formatting the entries for the next volume of the SylverMoon Chronicles, she is putting her eye to the test with her photography and digital art.

Taking Best Photography at Dragon*Con for 2018 and Best Photography/Digital Art for 2019, she's just getting warmed up.

Here's just a taste of her craft...

Siren - Best Photography; Dragon*Con - 2018

Vampyri - Best Photography/Digital Art; Dragon*Con - 2019

Phari Pointe

By Lantern Light


... and let's not forget what she can do for a book!


Urban Majix Cover Art

Pieces of the Dark Eight Cover Art

Knights of the Inner Rim Cover Art

Rising Gods & Falling Crowns Cover Art


See more of what she has to offer at SylverLight Photography!