Candid 'Roughing It' Shot

Melissa Coleman

From Horror to Steampunk and all points in between!

"I write because creating something that didn’t exist before is as close to magic as I’ll ever get. All you need is imagination."

Hailing from Australia is our own Melissa Coleman. She took time out her incredible schedule to jot down a short in Volume VI??? with Even more ambitious are the works that's put together on her own: The Halfling, A Christmas Masquerade, and A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes.

The Halfling

Book One

Eliana finds herself propelled into a world she longs to stay away from; a world where nothing is what it seems. In a race against minds, she must master her magic and fight an unimaginable darkness, stretching throughout the realm of Grandelione. The same darkness that cursed her mother and, now, her half-brother is laying dormant in her too.

It grows stronger with each passing day.

Left with two options, she must choose to fight and bring peace back to Grandelione or plunge into a world of darkness and murder. Can she learn to harness her magic and bring peace back to Grandelione and her family? Or will the darkness within consume her?


A Christmas Masquerade

Kingsley Radcliffe lives every day like it is Christmas, going out of his way to help those less fortunate than himself. But when a mysterious gift arrives on his doorstep with only a riddle inside, Kingsley along with his friend Ezra and his dog, Droolious, must unravel the clues to find the mysterious Christmas riddler.


A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes

A Confabulated Compendium of Anecdotes is a Steampunk speculative collection of tales. The stories, herein, provide a glimpse into the imagination of a most anomalous Author.

Be swept away, if you dare, by sultry maidens with mechanical gadgets, hi-tech flying machines and grinding gears. Peculiar alien forms hell-bent on saving the earth, and a conglomerate of Vamps lead by Count Valdo.

Howbeit, why wait for me to tell you more, turn the book atop and be absorbed in the unputdownable.