Ashia Sims

Contributing Author

In spite of her mother’s fear of all things horror, Ashia still managed to fall in love with the eerily creepy writings of Edgar Allen Poe at a young age. When she discovered authors like R.L. Stine and Stephen King, she knew she wanted to be a horror writer. Later she discovered C.S. Lewis and her love of horror expanded to include science fiction. Eager to share her new outlook with the world, she began to self-publish horror and poetry books at 10 years old.

Her life path took her down a windy writing road that took her away from fiction as she turned to writing marketing materials like website copy, email campaigns and social media copy. She began to work her way back to the world of fiction after working as an e-book ghost writer penning books on topics like finance, astral travel, social media marketing, dream interpretation and preparing for the end of the world – to name a few.

Now she’s taking all of her newly acquired random knowledge and recently discovered interest in true crime stories and using it to fuel her longstanding love of horror and science fiction writing. Oh, the stories she will tell…


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