Charles L. Jones

Founding Member, Contributing Author

Charles Jones’ life embodies the true nature of a Renaissance Man. Born in Brooklyn and having lived in NY, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Japan, Charles has had first-hand experience in multiculturalism and appreciates the beauty inherent in every walk of life.

One side of his nature is rooted in the physical; he was a member of the US Military and has been a practitioner of the Martial Arts for many years, studying Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do & Aikido. His other side is full of the artistic, such as studying Japanese flower-arranging, writing, and facilitating his passion for languages – he speaks Japanese fluently and has more recently added Chinese to his repertoire.

Charles majored in English, Philosophy and Political Science, and brings these flavors to his writing. He currently fills the position of Vice President of Quicksylver, Inc., sharing the reins of the business aspects of the company with G. Russell Gaynor. His goals include expanding his role within the company, and he has designs on expanding his writing to scripts and full-length novels.

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