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The Shadow Guardians Saga

The Blind Smith

They are called the Shadow Guardians, and they are a force of nature, striking out in the name of justice… striking against those who transcend the limits of law and order. Alone, each member is a highly-skilled artisan and potent combatant. Together, they are all but unstoppable.

But they didn’t begin there.

The man who would one day come to lead their ranks, J. J. Moore, was once a computer wunderkind, happy with the life afforded to a Silicon Valley Baron. That life, however, had no defense against treachery from within. One moment, J. J. was riding high. He was very, very rich and very much in love. He lost his fortune, the object of his affection, and his sight at the same time.

But he didn’t die.

And a bunch of people are going to wish he had.

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Muted Rage

The Shadow Guardian Saga continues...

In The Blind Smith, J. J. Moore established himself as a capable operative. But that wasn't enough for him. In order to prove himself worthy of a place within his sensei's society, the blind assassin embarks on a mission to create a team of specialists who will administer justice to the so-called untouchable.

But he wants each team to share one trait: that they be labeled among the "handicapped". He has the perfect candidate in mind to lead his team. It's just a matter of recruiting her.

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