CyberMoon 2020

Bionics are so last season!

Let the Confederacy of the Quill take you to a place where The Matrix is something that happens when you’re having an off day!

Lock down your processor and load a good chip – there’s going to be plenty to record!


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In 1990, a role-playing game by the name of Cyberpunk 2020 was published. It was the Second Edition to the game published 2 years before. Within its pages, a world of super-tech was introduced to the gaming community, and gamers took to it most eagerly.

From Solos, Street Samurai that were one-person armies, to Netrunners who ruled the worldwide web, to Nomads who were Road Warriors unparalleled, to Rockerboys who fought authority and the status quo with their music… and that’s just four of the standard ten available classes.

CyberMoon 202o is a collection of stories inspired by Cyberpunk and the endless quest… for Rep… and Parts!


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