Hidden City of Alchemy

Hidden City of Alchemy is a Steampunk adventure injected with just the right amount of science fiction, romance, and historical fiction, to keep the reader on their toes. A smart and brave heroine with a love for inventing discovers a dangerous family secret in a diary after her mother is kidnapped by German spies. Lizzie must leave London and travel to France while learning the shocking truth about her ancestor and about a chemical which could destroy the world, if it should fall into the wrong hands.


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“From the very beginning, the author draws the reader in and never lets go until the ultimate conclusion and satisfying denouement.” – Greg Alldredge, author of the Helena Brandywine series.

“I was taken out of my seat from the first page, and I came back to my world delightfully impacted by her craft and imagination.” – G. Russell Gaynor, international best-selling novelist and screenwriter.

“An exciting ride through a steampunk world filled with adventure. Surprises around every corner!” – Madolyn Locke, award-winning author of ‘The Quilt’.


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