Valian Styrke: Knight of Fate

“You’ve come to the Rims. This is the place of High Adventure!”

It all began with One Last Errand (SylverMoon Chronicles, Volume V).

Before Dungias, before JoJo Starblazer, before the games being played to change the known universe… First there was a single young boy touched by Fate.


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Legendary is usually conferred upon those who manage to survive a quest into the Demon Realm of MoGo. Valian Styrke: Knight of Fate opens with our main character making a second quest into the forbidden world. Emerging from the darkness and distress of that terrible place, Valian’s place in the ranks of the Knights of the Inner Rim is solidified. Still, he faces enemies on all sides and though he would rather not play, he has been embraced in the Game of Houses as he comes to terms with the sort of Knight he wishes to be.

A non-stop epic of adventure, this second book of the Beyond the Outer Rims prequel does not disappoint.

2 reviews for Valian Styrke: Knight of Fate

  1. Sarah D.

    Got this for Christmas and burned my way through it! This whole series is turning out to be one of the best, most fleshed-out worlds I’ve had the pleasure of entering as a reader! Highly recommend.

  2. Allison R.

    Book Two of the prequel trilogy does not disappoint! This series is broad, complex, engaging, and truly transports you to another world that feels absolutely authentic. Can’t wait for more!

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A Realms of Th’iaM Adventure!

This is Book Two of the BTOR Prequel.

Book Three is Coming Soon!