After losing his mother to a runaway car, Alex was determined to never again be without the skills necessary to protect those he loved. Life became a welcome routine of study and work when he was sent to live with his military officer father overseas. That is, until his father went MIA.

Stunned by loss and determined not to end up in an orphanage, Alex began a near-impossible journey to find the one man who could continue his education… the man who had taught his father.

What Alex would become was something no one could have predicted. And in one of life’s little surprises, he discovered that the loved ones he swore to protect had somehow become much more than just his family.


Hidden in shadows, and with mystical abilities at their fingertips, an evil sect has grown. Now they’re stepping into the light, and ready to make the world their playground. For humanity to survive, they must be stopped…

Enter the Talmanjahr!

3 reviews for NightWalkeR

  1. Margaret P.

    Incredible! This book is a must-read for every fan of comics, super-heroes, or even just cutting-edge fiction. The characters are well-defined and immediately bring you into their world. And what a world it is! Ancient wisdom, revenge, dark and light powers, super-abilities, good vs. evil… it’s non-stop action from the first page. The author effortlessly blends old-world philosophy with modern attitudes and the future of the human race. Para-normal abilities among the `chosen few’ create a power struggle on many levels, both past and present. For anyone who misses the days of brilliant graphic novels and anyone who just loves spectacular SciFi – NightWalkeR is one to remember and read over and over again! Well done!!

  2. Sarah D.

    I’m not usually an action book kind of girl, but I’ve got to say that Nightwalker was truly an exception to the rule. Gaynor’s story is fast-paced and catches the reader’s attention, holding it tight until the last page! The characters are enjoyable and the reader finds it easy to bond with them. The plotline is creative and contains a fine balance of dramatic and humorous moments. The description of the action is incredible, page-turning material. I am dying for the next book!

  3. MB Cook

    Have you ever picked up a booked and just not wanted to put it down again? With in the first two pages I was so curious that I would not even consider putting this book down, by page five I was lost in a story that gave me chills while making me smile. This book is full of action and adventure; as well as truth and justice. The author shows great talent within the pages of this book, talent that some even thought long forgotten.

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