One Real Summer

Alexandra has just had her summer plans ruined by her mother who is sending her to her aunt’s home in Provincetown, refusing to let her sail the islands with her best friend’s family. The teenager finds herself in a world of artistic expression, self-awareness and no television! While there, she is forced to face her insecurities and fears for her future over the course of the first “real” summer she’s ever known. Alexandra finds that she is able to learn about herself through art and that when she looks, she can see herself reflected in the love of those around her.


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A delightful story for the young and the young at heart, One Real Summer will touch the heart of the reader and bring back memories of innocence and learning.

2 reviews for One Real Summer

  1. Ashley C.

    A sweet, wholesome, YA coming-of-age novel. It’s refreshing to read something that I would approve of my kids reading. There was no magic, no apocalypse, no vampires — not that I have a problem with any of these, but they do seem incredibly played out. This is a light summer read, perfect for pre-teens & tweens, but with enough substance that older readers will enjoy it as well. Highly recommended!

  2. JS Chancellor

    This was a gorgeous book. I had the pleasure of reading it a few months back and just haven’t gotten around to writing a full review.

    The characterization was just great in this book. Every flaw and quirk was well-placed and expertly delivered. I felt like a teenage girl again–a feeling I haven’t felt in a very long time!

    Read this, you’ll be glad that you did! But don’t blame me if you finish feeling like you’ve just engaged in the best summer romance of your life and wanting to take a trip to the coast 😉

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