Silent Love

Forced into marriage to a man she doesn’t know, Evangeline thinks she’ll never know love. When she finds it in a most unlikely place, will she follow her heart or her honor?


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Set against the backdrop of Arthur’s court at Camelot, we follow the path of Evangeline Matera from idealistic girl to a married woman faced with difficult choices. Does she try to make a life with the stranger that is her husband, or risk everything for the man she loves?

5 reviews for Silent Love

  1. C. Maluna

    A wonderful story, full of romance, history, and magic! Escape to the land of Camelot….and be transported to a time that will never be again…except in our hearts.

  2. Margaret A.

    Who can resist literary fiction that occupies Camelot and preserves Arthur’s dignity! The young Lady Evangeline discovers what is love despite herself and much temptation. This was an unexpected and glad surprise for me.

    Madolyn Locke’s Silent Love is a well written story and worthy of your delight.

  3. M Coleman

    Compelling story written in a style that both remains true to the period in which it is set while remaining accessible enough for a layman of Old English, such as myself, not to feel lost in the writing. Brilliant characters, writing style, and overall story.

  4. Jason W.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have read this. The story never gets old. It is the magic of Camelot retold from a different view. The characters are very well-developed. The story keeps you right there the whole time. I love this book!

  5. Garrett C.

    As someone who normally balks at the idea of reading anything that could be considered a romance, I was blown away by this book! The characters are instantly accessible and engaging. Kudos for the bold move to make Camelot a backdrop. There’s hardly any mention of Arthur & Company at all and it’s still brilliant!

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