Star Chaser: The Traveler


You have just entered a new realm – a new Universe where there are worlds, races, powers, allies and enemies just waiting to be discovered.

Your place may be with the wielders of Iro… or perhaps as a Traveler… it could be that your destiny lies on a ship flying through the stars… or straining your skills on a battlefield… maybe you’re most suited to hours spent pouring over ancient tomes… or engaged in a game of chess that will shape the cosmos.

Whatever your place – wherever your destination – you will find yourself…

Beyond the Outer Rim


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In ‘Star Chaser: The Traveler’, the prelude to the series, we meet Z’Gunok Tel Dungias, a Malgovi born without the ability to channel Iro, an ability inherent in the vast majority of his race.

As a member of a high-ranking family, he lived a life in-between… not truly an outcast, but never fully embraced. Often discounted and forgotten, Dungias was left to grow and learn primarily on his own. Yet the advantages of his family’s name did not entirely protect him against those who considered him anathema.

Through strength, daring, and unexpected cunning, Dungias created himself out of nothing – and worked toward the day when he could make changes…

Little did he know just how far-reaching those changes would be!

4 reviews for Star Chaser: The Traveler

  1. J Thomas

    Wow! I am not normally a Science Fiction – Fantasy reader, but that may change now. Star Chaser is a long book and I was reluctant to start reading it, but a friend recommended it to me and I had a long plane ride ahead of me. So, I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did. The author, Reiter, is a genius – got to be to come up with this stuff. Intricate and mind blowing. As I learned about the main character I was pulled in and drifted along in another universe. Hated to land and get to work.

  2. JP ATL

    Curl up with your favorite blanket and a hot beverage and start reading. It takes you through twists and turns and you get totally consumed in the characters and from the beginning you are wrapped up in the adventure.

    A great read especially if you are a sci-fi fan and thrive in action, complex characters, and a roller coaster of emotions.

    Reiter does not disappoint.

    Eagerly waiting for the next series.

  3. L Belding

    The most striking thing I find about this book is that the writer is able to make the reader feel as if they are watching a movie. The characters are very well rounded, and the cities and other locations all seem to have a cohesive sense of presence and three dimensionality.

    The alien time units and terms of familial hierarchy, do not feel clunky and hastily added in. This is one of the best books that I have read in a god long while.

    If there are more books coming out by this author, I can only give him or her two words of encouragement….

    Type faster!

  4. MapleLeafAussie

    “Open your mind!” Dungias could imagine Thought pleading with him. “For I can do nothing with you while it is closed.”

    This quotation stayed with me throughout my reading of this fascinating and complex science-fiction novel which engages the reader quickly and effectively. An open mind and willingness to think beyond oneself is the key to the characters in this book being portrayed as positive or negative, and as likeable or not.

    Not only is the story original and interesting, it is also thought-provoking in terms of the values and behaviours of society, and of various groups of people that exist within it.

    The story of Dungias turns a looking glass on the way in which some people and groups in society respond to difference and individuality in a powerful and very relevant way, even though the contexts are different. The resilience and personal strengths of Dungias’ character are inspiring, presenting a valuable example of how such prejudice and discrimination can be dealt with in constructive ways, yet at the same time conveying a very realistic sense of the sadness and isolation experienced even within their own families by those who live with differences and individual qualities that society finds confronting. Even so, the limitations assumed and imposed by others do not serve to define or the individual, as Dungias so profoundly demonstrates.

    As the story progresses, the reader journeys with Dungias through conflict, growth and developments that bring him to understanding that “nothing in our lives is as much a discovery as it is truly a revelation”. Indeed, there is much revealed about both Dungias and the reader as this action-packed story and its secrets unfold.

    ‘Star Chaser’ is both entertaining and inspiring, innovative and engrossing. It’s a journey that no science-fiction fan will want to miss.

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