SylverMoon Chronicles II

A SorceroR and Sword Dancer find themselves in a pitched battle for their lives… an aging protector questions his legacy… assassins in the same family try to find a common ground… a young woman finds herself in a strange world, fighting to protect her brother… a pirate captain slowly loses his boat to a mysterious fate… the power of the elements flow through a woman searching for her place in the world…


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An anthology of short stories by Confederacy of the Quill authors in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Futuristic, Archaic & everything in between, SylverMoon Chronicles is a fascinating romp through a myriad of worlds all guaranteed to fire the imagination!

1 Review for SylverMoon Chronicles II

  1. P. Masterson

    When the Confederacy of the Quill came out of the gate with Vol. I, it was with a bang. Vol. II is like the blast wave after the explosion. This group of authors did not slack off with the second book, they clearly worked hard to make it even better. Very enjoyable – and bodes well for the continuation of the series.

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The second installment in the SylverMoon Chronicles Series.