SylverMoon Chronicles III

A powerhouse young man discovers the truth about his heritage… two unlikely heroes are surprisingly saved themselves… an unexpected wrinkle causes problems with an assassination… awakening powers in a young girl turn frightening… a mysterious swordsman exacts his dire vengeance… the power of one woman’s devotion to her god changes the fate of her people…


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An anthology of short stories by Confederacy of the Quill authors in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Futuristic, Archaic & everything in between, SylverMoon Chronicles is a fascinating romp through a myriad of worlds all guaranteed to fire the imagination!

1 Review for SylverMoon Chronicles III

  1. Trenton V.

    Only three volumes in with this series, but it seems like the group has been doing it for much longer. Very professional. The stories are great, the layout is easy to read, and there’s plenty of content. So you might not fully get everything that’s happening in the continuing serial stories – but that’s why you start at the beginning! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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The third installment in the SylverMoon Chronicles Series.