SylverMoon Chronicles IV

A new generation of superheroes discovers they still have a lot to learn… unexpected horrors lead a young woman to her true direction… cutting edge technology gives a prince the ability to defend one of humanity’s last cities … music brings a young girl to a doorway to the unknown… hunters of the undead become the hunted… in the realm of demons one hero dares to challenge the throne…


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An anthology of short stories by Confederacy of the Quill authors in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Futuristic, Archaic & everything in between, SylverMoon Chronicles is a fascinating romp through a myriad of worlds all guaranteed to fire the imagination!

1 Review for SylverMoon Chronicles IV

  1. Editya S.

    I always start reading these to get back in touch with the serials… for the sake of continuity. But it never stops there. Each volume begins with the latest installment of the Hero of Junn-Gladeer and when I’m done with the review, I keep flipping pages!!! Realization hits when I get to the end – and know that there won’t be any more stories until next year. It’s a tough wait!

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The fourth installment in the SylverMoon Chronicles Series.