SylverMoon Chronicles V

Two gun-slinging friends reconnect across space and time… heroes discover the truth about death and loss… enemies are found in a cyber world of ones and zeroes… a young assassin must chase after what was lost… a dashing duelist defies a king… in a shadowy forest a band of adventurers find an otherworldly surprise…


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An anthology of short stories by Confederacy of the Quill authors in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Futuristic, Archaic & everything in between, SylverMoon Chronicles is a fascinating romp through a myriad of worlds all guaranteed to fire the imagination!

1 Review for SylverMoon Chronicles V

  1. S. Talbot

    The stories keep getting bigger & better… the continuing stories especially are not to be missed! New author added to this volume, definitely kept up with the ‘veterans’. Looking forward to more!

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The fifth installment in the SylverMoon Chronicles Series.