SylverMoon Chronicles VII

The Bane of Warlocks is faced with a new enemy… A couple must find the strength to live up to an incredible legacy… hearing voices isn’t always what it seems… in the damp shadows a group of unlikely friends must right a wrong… a seemingly normal home is anything but…


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An anthology of short stories by Confederacy of the Quill authors in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Futuristic, Archaic & everything in between, SylverMoon Chronicles is a fascinating romp through a myriad of worlds all guaranteed to fire the imagination!

1 Review for SylverMoon Chronicles VII

  1. Book Squirrel

    This anthology – the seventh in the Sylvermoon Chronicles series – is an outstanding collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories by authors who are most accomplished at their craft.

    The stories range from angels to demons and wraiths, futuristic worlds to fantasy lands, and scenes laden with terror to deep inner conflicts and fears. Each one is powerfully written, able to immerse the reader in a situation that demands and consumes their attention from the outset.

    The diversity and variety between the stories ensure that the reader is always engaged and interested. While there were definitely stories that I enjoyed more than others, that is purely a matter of personal preference. The stories are, without exception, quite excellent.

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The seventh installment in the SylverMoon Chronicles Series.