The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

A brief sampler of stories to introduce you to the SylverMoon Chronicles Anthology – from the Confederacy of the Quill

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The Horsemen, the four chosen riders that are the genres of the SylverMoon Chronicles

Adventure – Anyone caught up in the tide of the incredible with only their wits, their skills, and the fates to see them through. He goes by the name of Dumas, and he will bring you to the edge of your seats!

Fantasy – where the world of what we know touches upon the world we can only imagine. Here the mystical dances to its own tune, challenging us to find its rhythm. Delight in the wonders that are Tolkien‘s to show!

Horror – here the night, the uncertain, the undefined, the very shadows come to life, taking hold of our fears and weaving them into a world of dark wonder! His name is Poe and darkness is his dominion.

Science-Fiction – E = MC(squared) is only the beginning, it’s a household term and innovation saves the day. Be it steampunk or hyperspace. It is the means to worlds unknown. Asimov is the master of this genre, taking us on a wild ride through Time and Space.

5 reviews for The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

  1. TigerLily

    Artistic Voices Entwined!
    This collection offers four separate voices and scenarios of unique writing styles. Common among the vignettes is the tapestry of strong, complex characters that leave the reader wanting more. The tone and timbre of each story may differ, but the authors gift us with their visions of conflict, resolve, and survival of heart, mind, and spirit. More!!

  2. Sandra V.

    All four stories were completely different from each other, different genres, and exceptionally well written. It has been many years since I have read from beginning to end stories like these because I normally lose interest quickly and therefore stop reading. But not here. I enjoyed reading each story from beginning to end in one sitting.

  3. Abby S.

    Four writers, four genre, four voices, but they flow together seamlessly. Each excerpt brings you into new worlds and introduces you to a new cast of characters. Each a true nod to the writers/horsemen of note for their genre. Well done, I am impatiently waiting for more of each!

  4. NG

    An anthology of four unique stories by four talented authors!
    The Four Horsemen of Sylvermoon is a great introduction to the full series. Each story is filled with interesting characters, engaging plots, developed worlds. While each one has it’s own unique voice, they transition well enough that you feel a rush from the cliffhanger of the prior story but a pulling curiosity of the next. My personal favorites were Adventure and Fantasy. Though Horror and Sci-Fi were well-written and engaging in their own right, I was more drawn to know more of the resolutions of their characters. Overall, this was a great anthology to read that will leave you excited to pick up the rest of the series and learn the fates of all the all the stories and characters involved. I recommend to all who enjoy fiction with adventure, fantasy, horror, and sci-fi.

  5. Jason W.

    A wonderful time reading several stories from different authors. I loved this approach and enjoyed the stories very much!

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