The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

A brief sampler of stories to introduce you to the SylverMoon Chronicles Anthology – from the Confederacy of the Quill

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The Horsemen, the four chosen riders that are the genres of the SylverMoon Chronicles

Adventure – Anyone caught up in the tide of the incredible with only their wits, their skills, and the fates to see them through. He goes by the name of Dumas, and he will bring you to the edge of your seats!

Fantasy – where the world of what we know touches upon the world we can only imagine. Here the mystical dances to its own tune, challenging us to find its rhythm. Delight in the wonders that are Tolkien‘s to show!

Horror – here the night, the uncertain, the undefined, the very shadows come to life, taking hold of our fears and weaving them into a world of dark wonder! His name is Poe and darkness is his dominion.

Science-Fiction – E = MC(squared) is only the beginning, it’s a household term and innovation saves the day. Be it steampunk or hyperspace. It is the means to worlds unknown. Asimov is the master of this genre, taking us on a wild ride through Time and Space.


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