The Spatial Shard

You’re on your board. And whether you are a Barney or a Marley, the wave is coming…

That used to be Genie’s mantra. Little did she know that the wave would literally take her out of this world. Now, faced with a new life, unbelievable dimensions and unexpected dangers, she’s got to pull off the ride of her life, or wipe out.


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The prelude to the EdgeWorld series serves as an introduction both to the new world Genie finds and the plight that has found her.

An American teenager living in Bolivia with her father and younger brother, Genie was trying her best to take care of her family in the wake of her mother’s death. But that was before she crashed headfirst into the curious stranger and her whole world turned upside down. Now new possibilities, good and bad, await her at every turn, but she cannot allow concerns of the outcome affect how she rides – surf’s up!

4 reviews for The Spatial Shard

  1. S. Faryna

    An interdimensional, action-packed, Science Fiction YA adventure that has a battle fit for the movies. BYOP! Bring your own popcorn to this read.

    I love that the heroes of this story are children who can face up to what we would call ‘adult’ and epic challenges. I was also impressed by the author’s ability to speak in the feminine and young adult voices of his characters. Few can do that so naturally. I look forward to the unfolding series. Last but not least, I am tempted to recommend that the author try his hand at LitRPG. I think he will see more ROI in that increasingly popular and insane subgenre.

    If you love The Power Rangers OR if you enjoyed Travis Bagwell’s Awaken Online, Vasily Mahanenko’s Way of the Shaman, or C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, there’s a good chance you’ll dig G. Russell Gaynor’s The Spatial Shard. Other titles by authors from Gaynor’s #30days30authors group include Greg Alldredge’s Lights In The Night, Valerie Lioudis’s Aftershock, Morgan Smith’s A Spell In The Country, and Cindy Tomamichel’s Druid’s Portal.

  2. W. Davis

    The Spatial Shard is an action-packed science fantasy adventure that bounces through multiple dimensions/planes/pocket universes. The story introduces us to a complex web of beings, people, organizations, and factions within organizations most of them looking to see who and what they can use to get what they want.

    Most of them want the Spatial Shard. Some of the ones who want the Shard HAD the Shard and lost it.

    But the Shard embeds itself in a teen-aged surfer girl.

    The story reads like a superhero anime. If you like that genre, then you should definitely give this book and this series a try. There are a lot of great elements in this book, and a lot of great, socially-conscious references.

  3. W. Stuart

    Surf’s up for this Sci-Fi prelude!
    Goodreads gave me this recommendation. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw it, but decided to give The Spatial Shard: Prelude to the Edgeworld Series by G. Russell Gaynor a try. Guess what? I liked it!

  4. JA Harris

    So much going on, and I like it! Love the pacing, kept me turning pages.

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