The Towers

A cop… a fighter… a couple of wannabe Wall-Street suits… all brought together by a Shaman.

What they have in common is simple: they are the fulcrum that will change the face of New Orleans. The city has been split into Quarters, each one ruled by a leader that has no intention of giving ground to anyone else. Gangs roam the streets, amped up with cyber-ware and itching for a fight. Even the digital world is unsafe, as teams of hackers jockey for supremacy. Either a way will be found to bring order to the chaos, or the powder-keg of a city will go up in flames. Can this small group of determined strangers find a way to claim the fuse before it’s too late?


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This Multi-Genre epic is just the beginning of The War For New Orleans Series.

Fasten your seat-belt and get ready to go on a ride! Cyberpunk smacks into Mysticism, with human souls caught in the middle.

“An intense read. Full of action, humor, and even a little heroics. The characters give an in your face performance, while Drake brings the reality of a shattered world to life. “


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