Urban Majix: The Rise and Fall of Grace

Navigating the choppy waters of life is hard enough… even tougher if you’re growing up without parents. Naomi was making the best of the bag hand she’d been dealt, trying to figure out who she was in a world of bullies, do-gooders, and social workers.

But then she loses the only true friend she had, and a series of strange events start hitting her from every side. Unsure of where to turn, Naomi finds herself in a new state and a new foster home, and once again she has to start from zero.

Before she realizes it, Naomi is on her own and thrown into a world she had no idea even existed. Magic is real, and she’s a superstar.

When everyone wants a piece of the latest attraction, what’s a girl to do?


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Urban Majix is the first book in The Drakhari Chronicles by Cassandra Drake.

1 Review for Urban Majix: The Rise and Fall of Grace

  1. Terrance R.

    For anyone who loves a little urban flavor with their magic, this is the book for you. Fast-paced, interesting, and completely filled with fantasy, the author takes you into a world *just* outside of our every-day. Definitely the start of a great series – ‘young’ enough for YA readers, but intelligent enough for the grown-ups.

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Urban Fantasy!

In a world that exists in the folds of our own, Naomi finds herself at the center of attention; the LAST place she wants to be!

But she’s gifted… touched with the ability to perceive and wield magic! She wants to understand what she is and what she can do… so she goes to school. Only the campus is more than a place to learn magic, it’s at the center of a struggle for dominion and Naomi is immediately swept up in the conflict.