A Small Press

With Big Ideals

Creating and changing worlds with words... taking the reader to the next imagination horizon and one page more.

And who doesn't love a good story?


From content to graphics design... editing to marketing... these are the people behind the plan.

Madolyn Locke

President & CEO

G. Russell Gaynor

Chief Content Officer


The marathon of going from an idea to a printed page can indeed be trying. But you don't have to run that race alone!

Working to offer the very best in literature, Sylver Quill Press offers a wide array of skills and services. From serving the reader to the inspired (and often laboring) author, SQP has published over 30 books and is responsible for all of the SylverMoon Chronicles as well as the works of Alexa Bronson, Cassandra Drake, Madolyn Locke, G. Russell Gaynor and Reiter.

Do you like the covers? Have you read the books?

We also offer services in: graphics, marketing, and editing.

For any questions, please feel free to reach us at and write the particular service you're looking for in the SUBJECT field.